MIDI 001:model D

001:model D is an advanced, MIDI-USB dedicated controller to work with Minimoog® Model D virtual instruments – VSTs.

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The Model D by Moog® is an impressive beast, too advanced to be controlled by a simple knob matrix, or knobs built into most MIDI keyboards. It’s just impossible to control such an extensive system with few knobs and switches, not to mention the layout you should remember.

That’s where the 001:model D idea come from, and that’s why we created it. It’s built based on the most extensive Minimoog VST – Mini V from Arturia, so it works with any type of plug-in, even if it has fewer controls.

21 knobs. 17 rocker switches. 6 rotary switches.

This is what you need to truly control the Minimoog.

Built to last.

Thanks to the use of modern materials, such as fibreglass reinforced laminate, and sheet aluminium, we achieved a very high stiffness of 001:model D, while maintaining a reasonable weight. However, the most important, are the moving parts, switches and pots, and the selection of these took a long time. Very long. Finally, we found ones that will last for years. Considering that MIDI equipment does not age, 001:model D is a pretty good deal.

Built to look.

Built to feel. While working on our controller, we put a lot of emphasis on the looks and overall user experience. That’s why the back- and faceplate are plated with real gold. That’s why the knobs move smoothly, the switches give a noticeable, but unobtrusive resistance and the rotary switches move butter-smooth, with an enjoyable click. We got what we wanted. We got what we searched for.

Built to work.

And so, it just works. To start creating a new symphony, simply plug a USB cord into the 001:model D and fire up your DAW. Everything works and you control the full sound of your VST. No unnecessary adapters, bridges, or configuration.

Available variants

  • [black] black knobs, black chassis, gold lettering
  • [white] white knobs, white chassis, gold lettering
  • [eurorack] Eurorack mountable chassis, standard 3U height, with USB connector moved to the back.


  • 21 analogue potentiometers
  • 6 6-stage knobs
  • 15 toggle switches
  • 2 lever switches

Compatible VSTs

Supported systems

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iPad (with USB-C adapter)
  • Linux machines (including Raspberry Pi)

Additional informations

  • Class-compliant MIDI-USB interface. Self-powered from the USB bus.
  • Selectable MIDI Channel, and MIDI CC for maximum compatibility and flexibility.
  • Sync button for instant settings transfer.

  • 3 layers of fibreglass reinforced laminate with an additional layer of sheet aluminium. All CNC-machined.

Dimensions: 425 mm x 110 mm x 48 mm (16.75″ x 4.3″ x 1.9″)
Weight: 1100 g (2.4 lbs)

Designed and assembled in Europe. Hello from Gdynia, Poland.

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